Data Movement

Intra-cluster Data Movement

Home: Ace <---> Turing

Since Ace and Turing share a home directory, there is no need to move data that exists in the home directories between the two clusters.

Work: Ace <---> Turing

The work directories on Ace and Turing are separate. If you have have data saved in the work directory on Ace/Turing, it is only available on that specific cluster.

To access that data from the other cluster, simply move it to your home directory.

Inter-system Data Movement

There are many ways to securely transfer data to and from your local laptop or workstation and the HPC clusters. The recommended way to transfer data is using Globus

If you do not already have a Globus account, you can create one for free. To move data between your local machines and WPI storage, you can create a local endpoint using Globus Connect Personal .

Alternatively, files can also be transferred using the standard scp or sftp protocols.